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As a business in Canada, we know that you have been affected by Covid-19, that's why we want to offer our services which will not only help you fight the spread but also empower you inthe future for any Covid-19 related hardships.

New Era New Solutions

TraceSCAN is a comprehensive contact tracing solution that aims to halt the spread of COVID-19 by alerting users who have been in close contact with individuals that have tested positive for the disease using Bluetooth & beacon technology and do not use GPS to protect privacy.

The application helps businesses to stay open safely by reducing customer contact/adhering to social distancing when they arrive. It helps your customers use a convenient QR code check-in to record their information in case of an outbreak.

Health Wallet

A customizable application that makes it easy to store and provide proof of vaccination at a moment’s notice, whether needed for the likes of a return to work or personal travel.

Rapid Testing Kits

These kits will let you conduct covid tests in your workplace for asymptomatic employees, generating results in just 15 minutes using an easy 9-step process. They help reduce the risk of outbreaks from potentially asymptomatic employees as they go back to work.

Keep Doors Open

Facedrive aims to help Businesses in Canada fight Covid-19 with all the resources needed to reopen & keep things running smoothly. With our new era of solutions, we can help you achieve a safe working environment for your team and also create a safe haven for your customers.

4 Pillars of Safe Re-Opening

Safety is a continuously growing concern amongst Canadians. We as businesses should ensure that safety is not compromised during covid19 & beyond. Consistent monitoring & efforts towards these 4 aspects will help you prioritize safety and stay a step ahead of the spread.

Get your business ready

Take all safety & cleaning measures everyday

Keep your employees safe

Provide employees with all the necessary equipment to make them feel secure

Ensure customer safety

Ensure customers feel safe when they enter your premises

Follow Government protocols

Make sure you follow all government regulations & keep an eye out for any new changes.

Keep Your Customers Safe

Customer Safety Management

Customers can use the QR code provided by SafeCheck to check-in and they can get notified if an outbreak occurs.

Customer safety has always been a priority. To keep customers safe you as a business will need to:

  • Maintain social distancing measures
  • Keep high touch areas clean & sanitized
  • Provide masks & other PPE to the staff
  • Record customer data in case of a outbreak for precaution

How can Facedrive Help?

  • Safecheck - Customers can use the QR code provided by SafeCheck to check-in and they can get notified if an outbreak occurs
  • Supply chain - Order cleaning supplies regularly through our supply chain and keep your premises safe.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Employees are an integral part of your business andas a business it is important to ensure their safety for smooth operations of your business. You need to:

  • Provide them with PPE, masks & gloves
  • Take social distancing measures
  • Install physical counter barriers near checkout
  • Conduct assessments & tests
  • Empower them with covid related tools

How can Facedrive Help?

  • Rapid testing kits - order rapid testing kits approved by Health Canada
  • Tracescan - contact tracing technology to avoid temporary closures
  • Health Wallet - Empower your employees with a Vaccine wallet.

Employee Safety Management

We know that you want to keep your employees safe. Facedrive's new solutions can help with just that. Using our services you can order rapid testing kits, integrate TraceSCAN's contact tracing technology to avoid closures & empower employees with Vaccine Wallets

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