Contact Tracing For Construction Workers

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The Challenge

  • Need for a contact tracing solution that complies with construction regulations
    • Not permitted to use mobile phones on worksite
  • Solutions need to be adopted by a unionized workforce where privacy and security are a large concern
  • Device must be robust and withstand the harsh conditions:
    • Water & Dust & Cold
    • Pneumatic drill
    • High pressure equipment
  • Must be able to:
    • Log interactions indoors and out
    • Last for duration of shifts (10hrs)

The Solution

  • TraceSCAN’s rugged and fashion forward wearable is waterproof and dust resistant and sturdy enough to withstand the hash conditions on a construction site
  • Hidden recharging port, protects the device from the elements
  • Bluetooth contact tracing platform, senses all interactions of the construction crew whilst they wear the band
  • Battery life of 7-14 days

Construction Industry

TraceSCAN wearables have been deployed across multiple industry verticals in North America. As the need for contract tracing goes global, we are uniquely positioned to protect your employees

Facedrive Health has deployed our devices with companies in multiple sectors across the world, including but not limited to, construction, education, transportation, manufacturing and hospitality

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