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The Challenge


  • 840 outbreaks of COVID in LTC retirement homes accounting for more than 80% of COVID deaths at May 25th 2020
  • Provinces hardest hit include Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan


  • Falls are the number 1 reason for injury-related hospitalizations for older adults and in Canada. More than 1.6 million seniors fall each year

The Solution: TraceSCAN V2 Band

  • SURFACE TEMPERATURE SENSOR – Studies show surface temperature can be an indicator of COVID exposure
  • HEART RATE MONITOR – provide regular baseline readings with limited interaction, allowing for use of predictive tools
  • OXYGEN SATURATION SENSOR – multiple benefits but low oxygen levels have been a symptom of COVID19
  • ACCELEROMETER – Provides tools for fall detection in senior care facilities

Senior-Proof Contact Tracing

TraceSCAN’s wearable devices enable contact tracing for potential exposure to harmful diseases (today it's COVID19). In addition, our wearable bands are able to identify if a senior has fallen using artificial intelligence and an accelerometer that is integrated into the device

With each senior wearing a device, a LTC home can monitor conditions of the residents and be alerted to potential issues ahead of traditional means of identification

Healthcare Industry

TraceSCAN wearables have been deployed across multiple industry verticals in North America. As the need for contract tracing goes global, we are uniquely positioned to protect your employees

STEER has deployed our devices with companies in multiple sectors across the world, including but not limited to, construction, education, transportation, manufacturing and hospitality

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