TraceSCAN is a comprehensive and customizable contact tracing solution that aims to halt the spread of COVID-19 by alerting users who have been in close contact with individuals that have tested positive for the disease.

Unlike other solutions, TraceSCAN employs wearable Bluetooth devices with AI technology that can quickly and accurately lead to the identification, isolation and testing of new cases when time is of the essence.

TraceSCAN solutions, through proximity tracing an exposure notification, can identify more contacts than traditional contact tracing alone.

TraceSCAN wearables are an ideal solution for essential workers, businesses, long term care/retirement homes and schools where smartphones usage may not be possible because of restrictions, accessibility issues, or socio-economic reasons.

Thefast-rising number of COVID-19 cases are putting a strain on public health resources. Contact tracing has proven to be effective in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

However, the current manual contact tracing process needs extensive human resources and is not scalable. It is heavily vulnerable to the recall bias of positive patients. Further, asymptomatic individuals can spread the virus to many other individuals if not identified in a timely manner, resulting in dire consequences for the operation or organization. Also, enforcing social distancing regulations is a tedious task in larger facilities, especially in schools, TraceSCAN wearables are an ideal solution for where smartphone usage may not be possible because of restrictions.

How Will This Be Useful?

Prevent future breakouts by stopping them at time of notification. This allows the company/corporation to trace back the interactions and minimize any extra steps required to stop the contamination.

This will also be beneficial to companies, industries and corporations to avoid temporary business closure due to widespread contamination. Not only does this ensure safety within the workforce, but it also reinstates the comfort and trust in customers entering the business. Most importantly the ease and affordability of the product that ensures safety within a day-to-day operation.

What Happens Post Covid-19?

Wearable devices can be re-purposed post COVID-19 to track other infectiousdiseases or accelerate an organization’s digital transformation efforts which may include:

  • Secure access to facilities
  • Linking to existing services
  • Time tracking
  • Attendance notification
  • Immunization passport
  • Remote monitoring of health metrics