How Tracescan revolutionized contact tracing to help businesses

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic this past year, many have been searching for a solution to help combat the spread of this virus. According to The Globe and Mail, “The struggle to maintain COVID-19 contact tracing was real.” That’s when the innovative minds from the University of Waterloo in collaboration with Facedrive Health came up with the most affordable digital contact tracing solution – TraceScan. It is a workplace wearable that conducts contact tracing using AI & Bluetooth technology, keeping in mind all the healthcare guidelines and without risking or compromising personal data associated with the wearer.

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But before moving any further, Let’s clear all the doubts related to 

What is contact tracing?

Well, for starters as we all can understand that contact tracing is an important tool that helps to stop the spread of contagious viruses such as tuberculosis, measles, SARS-CoV, Ebola, etc among the community. The common working goes by making the people download the application or making them fill a form in which they assure that they are going through the public healthcare guidelines and in case they are not fulfilling the requirements they are suggested to isolate themselves, but this process needs a lot of manpower and the efficiency is also quite less, but in the digital age organizations like Facedrive are integrating privacy-preserving Bluetooth and AI technologies that work by sending automatic social distancing notifications if the wearer is less than 6 feet or 2 meters apart and in case if the wearer is exposed to the outbreak the user is notified to get isolated for a period of 14 days. Depending on the user’s preference, these alerts can be sent through an audible tone or a vibration frequency. 

Generally, the traditional method has a lot of people working behind the process, but with TraceScan- it’s more about technology!

TraceScan is the perfect solution that helps to reduce human interaction thus controlling and reducing the spread of contagious infections for future outbreaks. While using these AI devices, the main concern of the wearer is regarding their PRIVACY!

But with TraceScan the wearer is stress-free about their personal data because TraceScan is doing its job without exposing or tracking the personal data such as the user’s identity or location. The data collected by the digital contact tracing wearable – TraceScan, is only the time and date of interaction via unique IDs allotted to each device, which automatically means that it’s the very first digital contact tracing device that DOES NOT TRACK THE USER!

TraceScan V2, which was recently announced by Facedrive is aimed to provide key health and safety benefits such as accuracy, privacy considerations, data management, and vital sign monitoring capability.

TraceSCAN enables onboarding and user management, automatic and manual collection of data, daily wellbeing check-ins, quick response to positive cases, and super long battery life up to 14 days. The digital contact tracing device powered by Facedrive strives to tackle many issues that COVID-19 brings to the world and there has been a massive strain on public health; with that being said, contact tracing has proven to be an effective tool when mitigating the spread of COVID-19. This is the ideal solution for not only the average person, but for the essential workers, businesses, long-term care facilities, and schools where smartphones may not be as accessible due to socio-economic concerns and feasibility issues.

Final Notions!

Facedrive Health has created this device to help save lives, keep businesses reopen and essentially go back to a pre-COVID 19 society. The best aspect of technology used by such organizations will not only help to reduce and control the spread of the virus but will also add an extra layer of safety into the community.