Getting Our Kids Back to School and Play

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The Challenge

  • Almost every Canadian student has been forced home missing out on traditional school fun and a normal learning environment
  • This is challenging the mental wellbeing of students of all ages
  • Children under the age of 18 years are unable to get the COVID vaccine, and children under 12 are unlikely to have the vaccine till early 2022
  • Teachers are being forced to reinvent teaching methods to educate and converse with students
  • Government contact tracing platforms require a mobile phone with minimum operating system requirements, creating challenges for some due to socio economic reasons
  • There is no way to bring back school play time or team sports as its impossible to keep track of the children

The Solution

  • TraceSCAN’s contact tracing wearables provide a means for schools to safely bring children back and trace their daily interactions. This allows the school to quickly identify potential spread if a student test positive for COVID
  • Our wearables are rugged enough to withstand the test of school:
    • Water, as cleanliness is enforced
    • Mud, in the playground
    • Paint, during art class
  • Battery life of 7-14 days, ensures tracing is done even if children forget to charge their devices
  • Having EVERY child participate in contact tracing has the additional benefit of:
    • Enabling cities to reopen summer camps and sports programs, which can benefit the mental health and wellbeing of children

TraceSCAN School Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn about using TraceSCAN devices to identify the points of transmission and slow community spread.

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School Industry

TraceSCAN wearables have been deployed across multiple industry verticals in North America. As the need for contract tracing goes global, we are uniquely positioned to protect your employees

STEER has deployed our devices with companies in multiple sectors across the world, including but not limited to, construction, education, transportation, manufacturing and hospitality

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